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I'm a professional photographer and this blog generally contains information about photography. But, since I also spent part of my life as a wildlife biologist, there will be some items about the environment as well. Maybe even some irritable ramblings.

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Baggley Park 12/12/06

I apologize for the lack of updates on this project. The weather has put a hold on things for a few more days. Cold weather and painting doesn't mix well, and neither does rain. I'm going to be renting a propane heater to keep the work area warm, and setting up my 10'x10' canopy around the final photo on the west side of the building. This photo is actually about 1/4 done at this point, I've just been waiting to get back to finish it. The rest of the project will have to wait until warmer weather. I'll get photos of the west side when that is done (still a couple remaining finishing touches that will be completed in the spring).


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